Sweden Audio Files

Here are enhanced audio files from Sweden 2011 seminar in mp3 format. They can be played from the web browser or can be downloaded for more convenience. Please do not distribute to other people except Master Wang students.

Please come back to this post from time to time to check the new files that will be added after they got processed.

Usage instructions

You may download or play any audio file listed below. Download links appears after the files start to play.
[alert]If you try to play any file and the player does not produce any sound it means you are not logged in or your account does not have the required access permission. Only Longmen students can access the audio files.[/alert]

Audio files

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”2 Hours Meditation@http://longmen.eu/?s2member_file_download=access-s2member-level1/WLP-2h-16bit.m4a”] Morning meditation from the 6th day of the seminar in Apple format m4a.
[sc_embed_player fileurl=”2 Hours Meditation@http://longmen.eu/?s2member_file_download=access-s2member-level1/WLP-2h-16bit.mp3″] Morning meditation from the 6th day of the seminar in mp3 format.
List of technical enhancements:

  1. Noise removal
  2. Amplitude normalization (since master was walking all the places in the classroom his voice volume varied greatly on the raw record)
  3. Waveform trimming

Please note that the files will play a constant voice volume, however it may happen to hear background noise at higher intensity than expected.[/info]