Romania audio files

Here are enhanced audio files from Romania 2011 seminar in mp3 format. They can be played from the web browser or can be downloaded for more convenience. Please do not distribute to other people except Master Wang students.

Please come back to this post from time to time to check the new files that will be added after they got processed.

Usage instructions

You may download or play any audio file listed below. Download links appears after the files start to play.
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Audio files

[sc_embed_player fileurl=””] Morning meditation from the 10th day of the seminar in Apple format m4a
[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] This is the morning meditation from the 10th day of the seminar in mp3 format
[notice]Download an audio transcript here [button color=”orange” href=””]WLP-1.37h-16bit.pdf[/button][/notice]
List of technical enhancements:

  1. Noise removal
  2. Reduced dynamic range
  3. Amplitude normalization (since master was walking all the places in the classroom his voice volume varied greatly on the raw record)
  4. Waveform trimming

Please note that the files will play a constant voice volume, however it may happen to hear background noise at higher intensity than expected.[/info]


4 responses to “Romania audio files”

  1. Márcia Ahrends Braga Avatar
    Márcia Ahrends Braga

    Hi, Richard:

    It’s only one meditation?

    1. Richard Avatar

      Yes, it is one meditation but it has many elements inside it. It is a good start to understand the practice.

      1. Márcia Ahrends Braga Avatar
        Márcia Ahrends Braga

        Hi, Ricahrd: I did my first meditation today, but it was not so easy to understand some words, so I couldn’t go very deep.
        Can you help me with some transcript’s words?


        DING MEN

        XIA TIAN – it is the same place as XIA DANTIAN (do you know the meaning of XIA?)

        TIAN MU XUE

        NIWAN GONG (I found as brain)

        HOU TIAN JING (this one I found as post-natal jing)



        And I didn’t understand all this part: “Now rotate your SHEN light. Use your TIAN MU XUE line to rotate your SHEN light.
        Now rotate your SHEN light and do not move it ahead. Just rotate. Rotate. Rotate
        And a little bit faster.
        Now push it ahead while you rotate it. Push it to a faraway place.
        While you turn it around push it ahead to the faraway place. Push it ahead to the faraway place. Do not stop. Rotate at the faraway place. Change direction. Rotate Rotate.
        Then draw it back slowly while you rotate it. Draw it back slowly slowly
        Draw it between the middle point of your eyebrow the XUE point of your TIAN MU XUE.
        Continue draw it back to the mu point of your TIAN MU XUE.
        Then draw it back to the TIAN point of your TIAN MU XUE.
        Still rotating
        Change direction
        As beginning direction
        As TIAN MU XUE rotate it then push it ahead to the MU point of your TIAN MU XUE.
        Continue push it to the XUE point of your TIAN MU XUE
        Still rotate and (push it) out of your head to the faraway place.
        Push it at head and still rotating. Push it to the faraway place. At the faraway place continue your rotation
        Change direction and stay there continue rotating.
        Then draw it back slowly.
        Still rotating and draw it back to the front eyes of your eyes
        Change direction to the beginning direction
        Rotate it and faster faster to central part
        Now push your SHEN light ahead then slowly draw it back.
        Find proper distance between your SHEN light and TIAN MU XUE point.”

        “This is the whole procedure of AN LU SHE DING and ZU JI and also some of XING GONG.”

        I don’t know if it will be possible to you help me, but if yes I’ll be very grateful.


        1. Richard Avatar

          Hi Purnima, we will answer in private this kind of questions. Please send them by email or by the contact form in the future.