Longmen 2020 European Seminar Announcement

|The 2020 seminar is currently being rescheduled. We will announce soon updated dates as well as any other changes related to the COVID-19 situation.

Inner Alchemy Seminar – Longmen Europe 2020 is officially launched

cropped-meditation_room_scroll.jpgWe hereby announce the 2020 seminar of Longmen Inner Alchemy practice that will take place in Spain between March 28 and April 07, 2020.  The seminar is intended for all European students of Master Wang Liping but other students from outside Europe are also welcome to join us.

The seminar will be conducted by Master Wang Liping, the current transmitter of the Longmen (Dragon Gate) school, part of Complete Reality school of Daoism from China. The seminar will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese language and translation to English will be provided for both lectures and practice instructions.

During this seminar students will learn neidan 内丹 “inner alchemy” techniques used in Longmen School. Practice will be all day long and will include movement techniques like Daoist walking, tree practice and static techniques during sitting meditation.

Benefits of the seminar:

In the long term, based on continuous practice at home after the seminar, students should be able to expect to:

  • Easily meditate for 2 hours or more
  • Increase the dantian capacity
  • Be present at all times and avoid dangerous situations in life
  • Acquire a new set of internal reference with which to relate to the external Universe
  • Define new perceptions about internal organs and body structure
  • Increase sensitivity and ability to manipulate qi


What is new?

For 2020 we aimed to find a pine rich place in order to do the tree practice. As for early April the weather is challenging for tree practice in Europe we settled this time for Garda Lake in Italy. We chosen a great hotel, Du Lac et Du Parc at the lake shore. Our event will be organized by the Romanian travel agency Paralela 45, one of the biggest tour agents here. This setup was needed due to new regulations around GDPR and what companies in tourism are permitted to sell.

Upon registration on our website, we will be sending a GDPR flavored contract and instructions for deposit payment. Deposit will be of only Euro 500 value and it is not refundable, see conditions below. It is charged from students only, not from student companions.

Following costs are calculated for 30 students. Depending on the actual number of students final costs will be higher or, preferable, lower if more than 30 students will register.


Meals are booked as half board where the breakfast and the LUNCH are prepaid inside the accomodation fee. Anyone requiring dinner will have to pay 35 Euro per dinner at the location.

This seminar master Wang specified the BI GU is elective by every student. The fasting technique cannot take longer than 5 days and students must decide at registration time if they want to do it. We will cut 5 meals from the accomodation plan for all students chosing to fast.

Please note the rules of BI GU: master can prompt anyone out of it at any time based on health situation. The student must go eat and the only prepaid meal for this situation is the breakfast.

Please note that we will book full board meal plan for master team hence the common expenses are little higher than last year.


Accommodation fee is PER PERSON and depends on the chosen room type and meal plan as follows:

  • Student SINGLE in double room with 10 days HALF BOARD MEAL plan
    Euro 1390
  • Student sharing a DOUBLE room with 10 days HALF BOARD MEAL plan
    Euro 1005
  • Student SINGLE in double room with 5 days HALF BOARD MEAL plan
    Euro 1253 (you apply for 5 days BI GU)
  • Student sharing a DOUBLE room with 5 days HALF BOARD MEAL plan
    Euro 868 (you apply for 5 days BI GU)
  • Companion sharing a DOUBLE room with 10 days HALF BOARD MEAL plan
    Euro 1005

Rooms prices are half board. Please note the dinner in not included and it costs 35 Euro per person to be paid when attended.

The registration fee of 500 Euro covers common expenses and is in addition of the room fee. We need to cover all common expenses during the event such as:

  1. Accommodation expenses for master and translator plus their companions during the event and eventually one or two days before the event
  2. Master and translator visa and flight costs
  3. Conference room fee
  4. Airport bus transfer two ways
  5. Festive dinner (tbd)
  6. Minor expenses (batteries, fuel, toll, tips)

In addition to the above the tuition fee of Euro 2000 must be paid in cash in the first day of the seminar plus the translation fee from Chinese to English of Euro 100Therefore a total of Euro 2100 should be brought in cash at the event.

If final students count will be less than 30 the share of common expenses will be increased accordingly for everyone. If the count will be greater than 30 then we will most probably charge less cash at the event.

Refund policy

Students arriving late or leaving earlier still need to pay the full amount of tuition fee and translation fee, there is no refund policy in effect in this case.

Students speaking Chinese still need to pay the translation fee since the event is organized and calculated with translator expenses in mind. Depending on the actual situation we might wave this requirement at the seminar time.

Please note that:

  • the registration fee is not refundable, but it is transferable to another student that will replace the one willing to cancel his registration
  • the room fee must be paid by January 31st. Full refund for room can be obtained if cancellation is done before March 24th. After March 25th the room fee will be refunded minus 250 Euro penalty.


All the students must be older than 15 and be in good health, no pregnant women please. Some previous training for long sitting cross-legged on the floor is advised!

Location and transfers

Seminar location will be at Du Lac et Du Parc hotel, at the lake Garda shore in northern Italy.

Flights will be booked to various aiports the main one being Milan Malapensa. Flights originating from Europe can arrive at Milan Linate or Milan Bergamo. We will book a transfer bus passing to all 3 listed airports.

The bus transfer will leave Milan Malapensa airport on March 28 at 9am. The lunch will be served at hotel at 1pm. First sitting session starts at 3:30pm or 4pm depending on how arrival runs.

On last day, April 7, the sitting ends at noon, lunch will be served up to 1pm. The airport transfer will leave hotel at 1:30pm and airport arrival is expected before 6pm. Please book a very late return flight or next day flight for good measure.


If you want to register for this seminar please fill the Registration form. Please make sure to register fast and then pay the registration fee as instructed as fast as possible.