Registration Longmen 2020

|The 2020 seminar is currently being rescheduled. We will announce soon updated dates as well as any other changes related to the COVID-19 situation.

Personal Information

Please select you gender
Please insert your age at the seminar date
Please state your education level
Please state your citizenship as in passport
At this address we will send proforma and final invoices

Invoicing information

Please insert your home country

Registration options

If you want to share a double room but you do not have a roommate at this time please follow these steps:

  1. First register a single room for you and pay the registration fee
  2. Your roommate must also register for a single room
  3. If you you decide to join in a single room write to us at with your both names and we will convert your registration from two single rooms to one double room.
  4. At venue we will reconciliate any outstanding payment.
includes the 500 Euro registration fee
Please have the room mate register as well regardless he is student or not. Only students will be charged deposit in addition of room fee.

Practice and Health Information

Please give an extensive description of your current health status. List main illness, general state of health.
Please list your disease history and how long time passed since they were cured
Please list the practices you did in the past but you are not longer doing (such as yoga, qi gong, meditation, etc)
Please list your current practices such as yoga, qi gong, meditation…