Longmen 2017 European Seminar Announcement

Inner Alchemy Seminar - Longmen Europe 2017 is officially launched...

cropped-meditation_room_scroll.jpgWe hereby announce the 2017 seminar of Longmen Inner Alchemy practice that will take place in BULGARIA between March 30 and April 9/14, 2017.  The seminar is intended for all European students of Master Wang Liping but other students from outside Europe are also welcome to join us. A joined group of students will start together a 10 respectively 15 days seminar, after April 10 only the 15 days seminar students will continue to the advanced practice techniques.

The seminar will be conducted by Master Wang Liping, the current transmitter of the Longmen (Dragon Gate) school, part of Complete Reality school of Daoism from China. The seminar will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese language and translation to English will be provided for both lectures and practice instructions.

During this seminar students will learn neidan 内丹 "inner alchemy" techniques used in Longmen School. Practice will be all day long and will include movement techniques like Daoist walking, tree practice and static techniques during sitting meditation.

Benefits of the seminar:

In the long term, based on continuous practice at home after the seminar, students should be able to expect to:

  • Easily meditate for 2 hours or more
  • Increase the dantian capacity
  • Be present at all times and avoid dangerous situations in life
  • Acquire a new set of internal reference with which to relate to the external Universe
  • Define new perceptions about internal organs and body structure
  • Increase sensitivity and ability to manipulate qi



The registration fee will depend on the chosen room type as follows:

Please select a valid form

The registration fee partially covers these expenses :

  1. Common expenses. We need to cover all accomodation expenses for master and translator plus their companions during the event and eventually one or two days before the event.
  2. Personal expenses. 50% of accomodation without meals as penalty of no show situation.

Because the hotel wants to confirm the event by end of November we are giving an Early Bird Registration opportunity for 500 Euro only by November 30, 2016. Starting Decembre 1st until January 31st, 2017 the registration fee will be at nominal value of 750 Euro. Please note that in the end students will pay the same total, we are only offering a lower risk for those registering early in case they need to change their mind and not come to the seminar. We would appreciate your help to secure the seminar location, so please register early!

In addition to the registration fee the following fees must be paid in cash in the first day of the seminar: the tuition fee of Euro 2000/3000 depending on the duration selection and the remainder from the total logistics cost and the registration fee. The total figure is shown in the field in the above simulation form.

If final students count will be less than 40 the share of common expenses will be increased for everyone. If the count will be greater than 40 then before cashing in the remainder of the logistics costs we will make a recalculation to fit the new numbers accordingly.

10 days versus 15 days seminars

During first 10 days all students will be joined into a single seminar. Starting April 10 the seminar will continue for another 5 days for students that have registered for the 15 days seminar. Students can upgrade from 10 days to 15 days seminar anytime before April 10, provided that they pay the difference in fees AND the hotel can confirm room availability for the extra 5 days.

Refund policy

Please note that the registration fee is not refundable by our new policy. What this means is we cannot reimburse it once it was paid BUT in case you want to cancel the participation you got 2 options to recover the money: one is that you find a replacement student for the same type of accomodation and recover 100% of the registration fee, or we can promote your place at a 80% discount and if a student registers over this promotion we can reimburse you the 80% minus bank commisions.

Students arriving late or leaving earlier from the seminar still need to pay the full amount of tuition and common expenses, there is no refund in this case. The hotel situation is to be handled separately and it depends on the penalties the hotel asks for.

In case the event is cancelled by force majeure (master flights issues, etc) we will refund all registration minus penalties and bank commisions. We will notify you in detail at the time, hopefully there will be not the case.

Double/triple occupancy with other students

Each of the two or three students sharing a room/appartment should register separately. Insert second and third students name after selecting a double room/appartment accomodation type.

Double/triple occupancy with non-students companions

If someone wants a companion that will not be student (unrecommended) please register for single occupancy of room/appartment and solve the extra persons expenses with us at the payment time (mainly you need to cover the meals for the extra persons if they are to share our lunches and dinners, including the festive ones).


All the students must be older than 15 and be in good health, no pregnant women please. Some previous training for long sitting cross-legged on the floor is advised!

Location and transfers

Seminar location will be at hotel PIRIN in Sandanski, BULGARIA (read more about mount Pirin and Sandanski here). Rooms booked are full board, all meals will be buffet style so everyone will have access to any specific kind of food requested.

Flights will be booked to Sofia. Transfers from aiport to the venue means travelling of about 160km by highway (100km) and local roads (60km). In case you cannot fit our transfer schedule here are some options for private transfer that the agency can book on request:

  • car (2 passengers) - ask Premier Tours
  • minivan (5 passengers) - ask by Premier Tours


If you want to register for this seminar please fill the Registration form. Please make sure to register and then pay the registration fee as instructed as fast as possible because at this time we only booked 20 rooms and 9 appartments for students, and some are already taken. If we register enough people fast enough then we can book more rooms and increase the capacity of the seminar.

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