This is the European portal for Longmen taoist students. Here you can find useful resources if you intend to practice Longmen Taoist arts.

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Next Seminar in Europe

We have established the dates so far, the 10 days and 15 days seminars will start jointly on May 15th 2018.

Master Wang Liping launched his new, official, English language website

You are invited to register and post questions or essays... at http://www.dragongateacademy.com/

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Delphi and Mount Parnassus (where 2016 seminar is happening)
( source https://sacredsites.com/europe/greece/delphi.html ) One hundred miles northwest of Athens,… Read more
The Seven Emotions and Six Desires 七情六欲
Reader should refer to the following structure while reading the… Read more
Taoist Retreat (闭关) and Bi Gu (辟谷)
Bi Guan (闭关) literally means closing the door to worldly matters. It is a purpose-driven exercise to achieve specific results in inner alchemy. (Text translated from the blue book from Jinhua 2012 by B K Wee) Read more
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