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    New information about the seminar in April at the temple:

    1. rooms have all internet connection
    2. weather in April is 17-18 degree Celsius during the day, with about 15 in the morning
    3. In the caves there is little moisture to cope with


    I agreed with Lian to order 1-2 sets of clothes with bigger size for women and for men. I think we can share withing the group the extra cost however this way we have more flexibility to find proper size of clothes.
    Please bring enough underwear though, those clothes are for outside layer only.
    The unused sets we can donate to the temple at the end of the seminar, if everybody agrees.


    Finally we should bring some present to master and to temple’s head. I think we can split in 2 groups, in Eastern Europe we will find something local, please do the same in the Western Europe. Then we can mix the gift and present them as from the entire team.

    Daniel Sass

    1. Is there something in the cave we can sit on?

    2. Sure, we can bring presents. Can this be something from Germany or are special presents required? Do you have an example?


    @Daniel, yes, I seen some pictures with some sitting props for cave. Present can be from Europe, let coordinate to buy a single present, others will contribute when we meet in China.

    @All, Lian suggestion, for people arriving on April 3rd: one option is to stay one night in Hangzhou (if you want to see the city) or another option is to go straight to Jinhua from airport if you want to rest only. There are 2 buses to Jinhua from Hangzhou airport, one at 11:00 and another aroung 17:30 or so. Please comment about that.


    Another information: I met an old student of master (since 1989) who is practicing healing arts based on energy massage. He is one that is fixing other colleagues during the domestic seminars. Lian told me maybe we can invite him at Jinhua during our stay so we can get tuned between our practice so we can progress even faster. I am not completely sure about his price, I only hear something about 200 RMB per session since he refused my money when I met him. But it is worthing to give it a try, he fixed 2 sore tendons I got without knowing about them.


    @All, I met Lian in beijing and she told me she ordered all clothes for us. She mentioned 2 kind of cushion for cave meditation: made of straw and made of plastic with some filling. The temple have hundreds of them available.

    All rooms are completely equipped, no need for towels or anything else from home.

    We also visited the tea store in Beijing where master is getting tea from. I found and bought for myself the kind of tea master served us in Sweden (a sort of sheng puerh good for energy). The store owner, also master’s student, told me if we like she can send more tea to the temple – so if anybody wants some chinese tea we can arrange such a shipment before the seminar.


    @All flying to Hangzhou airport (Daniel, Teodora, Cornelius, Christina, Pavel, Tavi, Purnima, Sundra and me). Lian has booked rooms for ones arriving on April 2nd or April 3rd here:
    Ruimanting Hotel West Lake – Hangzhou
    phone 0571-87717258
    Conditions are comparable to the temple rooms I think.
    Tavi and Purnima are arriving late, they still have option to go directly at temple and meet the rest of the group there.
    Marcelo, Philipe and Florin can also go directly to Jinhua or can stay one night in Shanghai and meet Kathy’s group next day to travel together to the temple. Please advise your preference.

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    Here is Sandra’s message I got by email. I am posting it here since it contains many valuable ideas for all.

    Hi Richard,

    I am drowning in work right now and hardly find time arranging all for my trip. Still I try to keep up…

    I thought master Wang has a Leica camera already, or am I mistaken there? There is an external flash light for SLR cameras, that costs about 300€. If that would fit to his camera, then we could get it . Are you still in Beijing and seeing Lian? Maybe she knows if Master Wang does have an SLR from Leica (or if I just heard the wrong rumors)…

    We don’t have appropriate traditional clothing at our place (at least where I come from – Bavaria… I don’t think there will be anyone in China wearing Bavarian ‘Lederhose’…
    But I thought about something else:
    we all come from many different areas. Maybe we can get some books with images from all the places we come from… If he is interested in cameras, then he should like pictures (at least that counts for me and all other friends I have, that care for photography). I know that most of these books also have text, but we could try and see if there is a chance of getting them also in Chinese (I know there are some of the Alps or Bavaria I could get, maybe also of my second home Austria…).
    And most Chinese I know like those books from other countries…
    It might not be something as ‘only present’, but maybe a nice addition.

    I know you usually do not give knifes as presents in China, but to my understanding Swiss knifes are liked a lot and kind of an exception. We could get one – maybe even with his name engraved…

    On another point:
    I like the suggestion you have on your homepage with the tea. I would definitely like to get some! 100-200g easily, I have lots of friends who like original Chinese tea 😉

    I will definitely support, if we can get the old student from Master Wang to help us progress faster (with my present workload, there are lots of blockages in my body and it will get worse before I leave). So I would be all for it, if he joins us!

    The hotel in Hangzhou is great, I will contact Lian directly, as I arrive earlier than all others. Then I can get the bookign extended.


    @Hangzhou hotel guests
    Please print this on a piece of paper and show to any taxi driver in Hangzhou, check if he wants to take you there then mount the taxi if agreed.

    tel 057187717258

    Tavi Chicinas


    I think the idea with the flash light is very good, I suggest checking it with Lian … and act on it soon after.

    Interested to buy tea, please order for me as well, 500 gr.
    Interested to get help from the healing arts person as well.

    Regarding my late arrival, I could come directly to the temple if everybody is there or to the hotel. Let’s decide when the big group know what they’ll do.

    We shall consider the present for the head of the temple. I would ask Lian for advice here as well.



    Here is the input from Sandra’s email:

    About the advanced cooking set:
    what do you think that is? Advanced? Only cooking directly (the process of heating things in a pan or pot) or also kitchen helpers? I am a bit at the loss with the term, so I just tried listing what I think being good, advanced in its own style (also a pot or pan can be advanced if designed to a specific purpose), useful and a “nice to have”, some of my ideas I consider – not useful for a country like China, I gave you my reasons – if you disagree, we can also investigate those options.

    a) real tools for cooking, like:
    – a Steamer with timing function ( costs about 200€ for 4.5l volume, it is 230€ for 6l volume and 270 for the 8.5l . I have a 4.5l I use it constantly – BUT heavy to carry, would overdo my luggage… Volunteers???
    – non-sticky pans, NOT teflon coated, but with a healthier material that does not go off so easily ( about 100€, they are really, really good, I have mine since 5 or more years and it is still as good as new; we might consider to get a lid for it as well, with lid it would be about 30€ more….
    Note: WMF is amongst the BEST brand you can get in Germany, I know through an Italian friend that her mom (a chef in a bigger restaurant) is importing WMF stuff as she wants high Quality.

    b) kitchen multifunctional tools, like:
    This is a typical European tool, made for baking, mixing dough and whipping cream, you can also use it for chopping vegetables and mincing meat. But if you are not a vivid baker, it will be underutilized for most of the time ( ) for 125€. And if you are a vivid baker, you will need cake forms and typical European recipes to go with…
    Note: Bosch – another high level brand – serves well in a country where foreign brands are highly valued

    c) if you like fruits, there are two options:
    – a juice extractor. Trust me, there is nothing better than a glas of self-made fresh juice, no matter what fruit, these things are great. I had lots of pineapple or watermelon juice when I was in China and I loved it. So maybe these machines are popular there (or just in restaurants???) (, this one is about 120€, that is about middle range, and again a good brand… But as I mentioned: these things are huge and I will have luggage issues…
    – dehydrator for fruits. This is for people who like to dry stuff they grow in their own garden or who have friends bringing them parts of their “harvest”. My parents have it, mainly for herbs, but we tried fruits, mushrooms, berries, etc as well. It works, but takes ages. ( about 120€

    d) coffee machine, like:
    I do not think it is a good tool for a household in a tea-country. But well, that is me favoring tea to coffee… I know several Chinese who love coffee, because it is more uncommon…. A friend of mine has this one, and she uses it, but it requires you getting the beans in pieces, not sure you do so in China (never looked for it when I was there) (, costs about 80€ if you can get the reduced price. But the really good ones do cost about 1000-3000€ – faaaaaar out of our range…

    e) traditional European kitchen stuff:
    – Pizza oven – scrap that, too heavy to bring 😉
    – crepes maker – can be a pan or electric: requires you liking crepes, otherwise it is a useless trinket. And the pan-version: I do not know if it works well on e.g. gas ovens (not sure if they have gas or electric or induction…).
    – raclette oven: you need to be a cheese fan for that. Most Chinese do not cope well with chees, so I would rather not do it (besides, I guess it is nearly impossible too find raclette-cheese in China…)
    – fondue with broth/bouillon – they have hot pot (huo guo) that is much better than our fondue;
    – cheese fondue: see issues with raclette and you also need to get Baguette to go with it…
    – chocolate fondue: you need to be an extreme chocolate addict to love that and you need to be able to buy good chocolate for it. As chocolate contains lots of milk, Chinese might have same issues as with cheese, if you get it in the amount of a fondue…
    – pasta-cookers: well, the Chinese have their own type of pasta and I am not sure if they fancy these pasta pots with a sieve inside ( ) for 120€
    – European Cutlery….But again: the good ones are expensive and I am not sure it will be utilized (even I eat more often with Chopsticks than cutlery – at least when at home, not in the canteen at work…). But that is a good set (30 items), if we want to consider it: it is stretching our budget to 350€

    Soooo, that’s my list. Sorry, if the links are to German pages. I hope the pictures are illustrative enough. If not, then copy the items name into google or amazon of your language and you should find the same item – yes, that is one of the benefits of globalization… we have google and amazon and can get nearly everything everywhere…).
    My list is surely not complete, so feel free to add whatever is crossing your minds!

    If we decide for one of the heavy and bulky items – are there people coming from the same city and could split up the components in the luggage? That would take the load of an individual suitecase with weight limits of 23kg….


    I would go for Sandra’s option A. The steamer would be of good use and I think master will appreciate it by it’s quality. It is true it is hard to carry, but we would split the overweight for the luggage as well. Please give it a try…


    PLEASE NOTE THAT SEMINAR REGISTRATION IS CLOSED NOW. All seats and rooms were filled already.

    Thank you for understanding.


    Dear Sandra, if the cooking pot is too complicated to carry, then I think the cooking pan is OK as alternative.
    Head of temple present can be a normal portable camera.

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