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    Inner Alchemy Seminar – Longmenpai Romania 2014
    We hereby announce the 2014 seminar of Longmenpai Inner Alchemy practice that will take place in Romania between August 29 and September 12, 2014. The seminar is intended for all European students of Master Wang Liping. There will be two superimposed groups:

    1. Group 1 – between August 29 and September 7 2014 – for a total of 10 days, this is recommended to beginners
    2. Group 2 – between August 29 and September 12 2014 – for a total of 15 days, for advanced students

    The seminar will be conducted by Master Wang Liping, the current transmitter of the Longmenpai (Dragon Gate) Daoist school, part of Complete Reality school of Daoism. The seminar will be conducted in Chinese language and translation to English language will be provided. There will be no translation to Romanian language in order to keep a high quality of practice!
    During this seminar students will learn inner alchemy techniques used on Longmenpai School. Practice will be all day long and will include movement techniques like Daoist walking, tree practice and static techniques during sitting meditation.
    During this seminar there will be included a special fasting practice (bi gu) with various duration:

    • group 1 will keep 3 days of bi gu
    • group 2 will keep 5 days of bi gu

    Master will inspect every student every morning of bi gu practice and can decide the end of bi gu for a particular student. As a logistic matter if a student exits bi gu ahead of schedule he must pay an extra amount for the additional food supply.
    Benefits of the seminar:
    • Opening the body meridians and channels, as well as main points in hands and head.
    • Qi purification
    • Strengthening of qi and shen fields.
    • Possible opening of the third eye (read
    On the long term, based on continuity of practice at home after the seminar, students could:
    • Easily meditate for 2 hours or more
    • Increase the dantian capacity
    • Be present at all times and avoid dangerous situations in life
    • Get a new set of internal reference to relate to the external Universe with
    • Define new perceptions about internal organs and body structure
    • Increase sensitivity and ability to manipulate qi
    All cost will be kept in an “open book” system, every student can have access at any time to all financial details about the seminar.
    The basic tuition price is Euro 200 per day. Thus the tuition prices will be:

    • 2000 Euro for the first group of 10 days. There will be a Euro 500 down payment at registration time for this group.
    • 3000 Euro for the second group of 15 days. There will be a Euro 750 down payment at registration time for this group.

    Important: If a registered student wants to drop the registration the down payment cannot be paid back. The only possibility to recover the down payment is to find a replacement student instead.
    The tuition price includes the translation to English.
    On top of the tuition price there will be other expenses as follows:
    1. Common expenses. We need to cover all expenses for master and his niece: flight tickets, accommodation, translation to English language and a sum for a short vacation after the seminar. These money will be equally divided between the students regardless of their group. NOTE: if master will give a discount in form of one free place at the seminar the associated tuition fee will be first deducted from the common expenses, then the remainder will be divided between the students.
    2. Personal expenses. Travel and accommodation for each student will be personal responsibility. We will negotiate the best group fees at all times and announce these costs in a timely fashion
    3. Practice expenses. It is possible that each student will need a personal mirror. If the rooms do not contain a suitable mirror then we might need to order mirrors from the city, every student is responsible to pay for his own mirror.
    The seminar will be organized at the mountain venue provided it has all conditions and is located as high as possible (current best prospects are located above 1600m altitude):
    All the students must be older than 15 years and be in good health, not pregnant women. Some previous training for long sitting is strongly advised!
    If you want to register for this seminar please fill the Registration form. We will contact you with details and will organize the down payment and all other details in due time.


    Thank you, Lucia. We still have to decide how to make the downpayment, perhaps Tavi will help in your case.

    Nevertheless here is the registration form, we will follow up with email notification to all registered candidates at appropriate time.

    Ingrid Renard


    I have been thinking since yesterday about this course. I am interested to do the course, because it is an opportunity to train intensively with guiding and advice. It gives the opportunity for breaktrough in the practice that is much more difficult to do alone. I would like to meet other practitioner of Europe and especially of Romania, and I have the experience of being taught by an experienced and advanced Master like Wang Li Ping.

    But there is one thing which disturbes me and perhaps you can answer me. I participated know for many years in different courses in chinese medecine, and martial arts in France and in China and I have noticed that the prices can be very different. The best courses I follow are often cheap and accessible to everybody.
    In France for a course with my teacher in chinese medecine, I pay 160 euros for two days. In China I pay 30 euros per day for my teacher and 50 euros for the translation.

    For me to pay 200 euros a day just for the course and then extra for the expenses of master Wang Li Ping is for ten day more than I earn in one month. And I have a correct income in France.

    I think it is important to cover the expenses of the people who work to organise this course, and to pay of course for the place. But for having organised myself some events I know you can do it to very different prices.
    It is a pity the price is so high, because I know it will prevent people who would me capable and interested to join.




    Dear Richard,
    If I arrive on Saturday, August 30th do I still need to pay for Friday the 29th? Pls could you provide a rough estimate of accommodation costs per night? Do we pay separately for our own meals too? Thank you.



    Hi, everybody:
    It will be not possible to me be with you these year again, but please tell me when you have some news about next year.

    Thank you and good luck!



    We are in process to finalize prices for the location we found. Will post them very soon and we will start the advance payment process. Prices are in the normal range, no surprises, so if you feel confident please start paying the registration fee of Euro 500 for 10 days or Euro 750 for the 15 days seminar.

    Tavi, please give your contact info so people can reach you.

    • This reply was modified 7 years, 3 months ago by Richard. Reason: added hotel link

    After reviewing the location I discovered their conference room is inappropriate for our use. Therefore I had to change. I found another location in the area with 34x 3 star rooms that looks like 4 star inside – we will rent it completely (now we need 31 rooms).

    This location can fit up to 50 students in the conference room which provides all that we need for the sitting practice.

    Should the number of students will increase there will be rooms at a nearby location, meals and access to all facilities (such as the spa) will be provided for everyone at the main location.

    Also the price per room is significantly lower, including master and translator rooms.

    In addition we agreed to provide translation in Romanian because we had many Romanians willing to attend. Because we do not want to interfere with English speakers experience this translation will be done from a separate room and streamed via FM radio. Romanian students willing to follow the translation will wear headphones. Translation will be done in sync with the English whenever I know the Chinese wording, meaning all breathing will be in sync for the entire group.

    The reason I mention this here is that master and translators agreed to wear lavaliere microphones, so I will record separate tracks from master and all translations and will be able to provide studio quality recordings properly mixed for all audiences. I made a personal investment in studio equipment for that.

    We will also provide individual mirrors in size of 60 cm x 100 cm with properly beveled edges that will wait at reception for us.

    Transportation will be provided by bus from Otopeni Airport to the retreat location on the morning of August 29. The travel will take about 2.5 – 3 hours.

    I hope to publish quite soon the bill of costs for all these items.

    • This reply was modified 7 years, 2 months ago by Richard.

    Hello everyone, I am back with prices for local services, still need to learn flight costs for master crew. At this point we can start to receive the payment for the registration, which is Euro 500 or Euro 750 depending on the 10 or 15 days seminar selection.

    Please visit this page for further details:


    One more idea, we WILL provide translation to Romanian language by means of FM radio transmitter. I will stay outside the meditation room and will take care of this translation, also will do separate tracks recordings at studio quality for master and all translators (so we have 4 tracks, including BK and his daughter).

    Later will mix records and will provide different language audio files to cover the seminar.

    The recording equipment cost about 1000 Euro and I already aquired it. If anyone feels OK to make any kind of donation to recover some of this cost it is OK to do so, no more than Euro 50. There is no problem if you feel not to donate, I already assumed this expense on my own account.


    So, I got questions, here are the QA for your reference:

    Q1. Why do you need a VAT number?
    A. VAT is required if invoicing is made to a company. No need to fill it up for personal invoices. If the form requires it just type something like ——–

    Q2. If I say now that I want airport transfer – what if I stay in Bucharest for a few days? Do I then need to go back to the airport for the transfer?
    A. Transfer is Bucharest (hotel) – Airport pick-up – Predeal so there is no problem to catch the bus

    Q3. What if I plan now on staying a few days ahead of time and then can’t get an appropriate flight? Can I then still change my selection? And if so – how long ahead of time do I need to know?
    A. You should be in Bucharest at a certain spot or at airport on August 29 in the morning. You can do whatever you want before that. If you want I can suggest a local hotel in the city for you (the one mentioned there is near airport for overnight rest). I have a company contract with a hotel near my clinic with special discounts

    Q4. Is there a deadline for signing up?
    A. Normally we need the advance payment until May. We need to pay provisions for accommodation, meals and transportation, also to collect some money for master flights.

    Q5. If you do the translation to Romanian: How much did your Chinese improve since we last met?
    A. I can translate usual words and most master’s commands directly from Chinese. When he gives explanation I cannot do but follow the English translation. It means that groups practice will be mostly in sync except for the new things when they are introduced. We did it back in 2011 in a similar way and it was a good group – this is why master accepted this idea and even is willing to wear a lavaliere microphone…



    Very excited to hear about this seminar!

    One Question: If you have opened your third eye, and can sit for over 2 hours and have also read both of his books, are you considered an “advanced student”?

    It is my first retreat with Wang Liping, but I have read his book for a few years now and I would rather not like to be in the “beginner group”

    What exactly qualifies a student to be of the “advanced group”?


    There is not such thing as beginners’ group or advanced students’ group. In any group some students are beginners and some are advanced.


    i must have misread. that is very exciting to hear! thank you.


    Group 1 – between August 29 and September 7 2014 – for a total of 10 days, this is recommended to beginners
    Group 2 – between August 29 and September 12 2014 – for a total of 15 days, for advanced students

    So the practices will be similar for both groups?

    Also, Thank you for organizing this event Richard


    No misread. There is only one group. The „beginners” will leave after day 10, while the „advanced” will continue for another 5 days.

    It is not easy. Because it is your first time I suggest you to register for only 10 days. If you find out you can resist and like to continue you are welcome to, just pay the upgrade on the spot.

    You are welcome.

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