Advanced seminar – a student’s report

Day 6

Basically today we repeated a normal day schedule with the exception that we got 6th form of ping heng gong in the morning. A little bit more complicated but not impossible.

During class we learned about the three kinds of qi and three kinds of energies (they basically differ from qi) respecively universal energy, reincarnation energy and body energy. The universal energy we say it comes from God (or is the vibration of Dao) and we can safely identify with the word/sound of God from Bible as we know it in the west. This is the best energy that exists and it can be found in vast amounts all over our universe.

The reincarnation energy is some energy we inherited not only from our parents but also from grandparents and other ancestors as well as from some animals and plants. The information contained in this energy can go thousands of years behind our time and it is basically an energy that keeps us inside the reincarnation cycle. Our goal is to get rid of it through practice.

The body energy is simple to understand, as long as we have a body we need this energy to keep it together.

It is interesting that we speak about these energies linked to some spirit (ling) that is actually the immortal part of the human being. In the orient people believe this ling gets reincarnated again and again. A normal human being has all three kinds of energy, while an animal has only the last two kinds. The universal energy is the one that gives humans intelligence and self awarness. But it is possible for these energies to get unbalanced or to lose them at all, in fact a ling with only reincarnation energy will become a ghost. One with universal and body energy only will be a Jesus or a living Buddha. Jesus ascension would be when he got rid of the body energy as well and kept only the universal energy.

While still in the human form, unbalances of those enegies can produce a Stephen Hawking (too much universal energy), a wizard, a witch or a medium that can be utilized by unincarnated ling (too much reincarnation energy) or a very strong man with oversized body but less inteligence (too much body energy).

During the dinner we got a powerful tropical rain, with thunders and everything else, even we are still in the first half of April (or maybe here this is normal weather). I got an umbrella still arrived at room with my clothes wet after 150m of rain run…

Finally at 22:00 we got back to the mirror. More practice. Then a very good and refreshing sleep.


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  2. Márcia Ahrends Braga Avatar
    Márcia Ahrends Braga

    Thank you Richard, to share with us, and to remind us this amazing and unforgettable experience.

    Hugs for everyone

  3. I wish to see more photo for that “workshop”.
    I love to go there , but financial aspects are hard to surpass..
    Maybe some day..