Advanced seminar – a student’s report

Day 2

Well, the group is so heterogenous that the bi guan rule is not exactly followed up… In fact only the European students try to obey it which makes it quite difficult for everyone. Other students do not understand why we are not talking to them and we get a lot of pressure to speak if our attention is distracted (therefore our minds lose focus…). But we must persevere…

Morning walks seems to be important because going to the caves requires some effort, we must climb the mountain to get there. Master said one who has weak mind will shrink while one with the strong mind will expand. Maybe due to the mountain road? Who knows, it will be a new experience for all of us. But perhaps not today.

During our morning walk we stopped to practice some ping heng gong where we all got checked and received feedback. Also we had more time to notice the flowery cherry trees on our way, as well as the dam construction around the lake. Then the rest of the morning went the same way as the day before.

At noon we got into the double line together with the priests and entered the dinner room in an orderly manner, unlike the days before. We learn it little by little…

Afternoon class was similar like the day before, also the evening practice but two new forms of ping heng gong.

During the night, between 22 and 23 hour, we did shui gong, sleeping practice. Sleep is not a part of the practice, of course, but laying down like sleeping gave it that name. Some special qi pressure was applied and I felt it rushing through my body, at some time it was like a brief pause then again the whole process repeated for several minutes, then pause for 1 second, and so on.

It is my belief this practice rejected a lot of garbage out of my mind since during the night I got very agitated sleep and quit ugly dreams, a state similar to the one after getting muscular fever but much more deep.


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  2. Márcia Ahrends Braga Avatar
    Márcia Ahrends Braga

    Thank you Richard, to share with us, and to remind us this amazing and unforgettable experience.

    Hugs for everyone

  3. I wish to see more photo for that “workshop”.
    I love to go there , but financial aspects are hard to surpass..
    Maybe some day..