Advanced seminar – a student’s report

Day 9

This morning is raining so we met in the meditation room again for the morning practice. Yet another form of ping heng gong was taught, basically it is about how to switch between the trees when using moving forms and the trees are in proper position to each another.

Continuing in the morning we had a long lecture, until the noon when lunch bell interrupted us. All about predictions for 2012, what, where, how and how accurate. Very sad news… Like the day we got into this topic: foggy, after a long night of heavy rain.

However these predictions have a meaning, like any prediction. They exists because something can be done, otherwise there would be no need for them. Perhaps the strong message here is to do anything to preserve our inner and outer unity, even in the turbid times of despair and disaster.

Afternoon lesson came with some advanced practice teaching, namely the method of producing dan or cinnabar in the lower field (dan tian). Quite interesting, also the questions and discussions revealed for myself that I have built a correct understanding beforehand about this kind of practice, of course the lesson came and filled huge gaps but still I was happy I did not have wrong foundation in it’s understanding.

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