Jinhua April 2012 audio files (non public)

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Backup of files and other materials from various seminars – media library, transcripts, other texts.

Materials included here are not finished or ready for publication. Please use cautiously. Unauthorized usage is forbidden.


China April 2012

  1. Day 1 Jinhua-apr-2012-D1.zip
  2. Day 2 Jinhua-apr-2012-D2.zip
  3. Day 3 Jinhua-apr-2012-D3.zip
  4. Day 4 Jinhua-apr-2012-D4.zip
  5. Day 5 Jinhua-apr-2012-D5.zip
  6. Day 6 Jinhua-apr-2012-D6.zip
  7. Day 7 Jinhua-apr-2012-D7.zip
  8. Day 8 Jinhua-apr-2012-D8.zip
  9. Day 9 Jinhua-apr-2012-D9.zip
  10. Day 10 Jinhua-apr-2012-D10.zip

Files from Romania 2011

Full archive (623MB) Romania-2011-WAV.zip

Files from Sweden 2011

Full archive (1.8GB) Sweden-2011-WMA.zip

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