Study and Practice of “The Secret of the Golden Flower”

Date: October 7, 2011

Fourth, Record of practice

As a researcher, I tracked the entire processes of training these 8 foreigners by Mr. Wang Liping. The following is the record of ideas, designs, and procedure of the training as well as the various phenomena occurred during the training.

When the training started, what Mr. Wang Liping first paid attention was to transfer the student body’s vitality vigor, he said that Taoism cultivation takes the Xing Gong achievement as the ultimate goal but must take the Ming Gong as the foundation, if one does not have the Ming Gong foundational merit he could not reach high level in cultivation. Therefore initial several days he took the Ming training as the primary coverage, observed and controlled the changes of students’ bodies emphatically, after several times exercise, all students had the phenomenon of Qi (气) movement through meridians, although each student’s Qi movement is different from others, identically they had a common rule: Qi at first started from legs, the three meridians of foot started to generate, at this time the movement of Qi is in the leg, along with practice, the movement of Qi climbed to the abdomen gradually, at this time Wang Liping guided the students to make a little change of gesture, afterward obviously the Qi reached three yin meridians of hand by going up from the foot, then the movement of Qi was in the meridians of the upper body and arms, later to the yang meridians from yin meridians of hands, finally from the hand yang meridians rose to the head, then finally returned to the three yin meridians of foot. On each transfer point of meridian, Wang Liping would guide them to make a little change in gesture, in order to lead Qi to change route, which is very important. So how to grasp or seize the right time or opportunity is the key. When the Qi has not arrived at the switch point of transfer one cannot do something to lead Qi, only when the Qi reached the transfer point of meridian, at this time to doing something is effective. Wang Liping said,”some people do not know this, as they do not understand the principle of Qi movement of body, they could not grasp the transfer point to go forward, so their Qi always repeatedly move in the same meridians, the whole meridians of body could not be connected well to form a circle, thus they could not go further, always stay at the same stage in cultivation. So the ability of grasping the transfer point to do something or just waiting without action is the key in practice: when to do something or when to do nothing during practice? These depend on your understanding of the mechanism of body. If you have learned some knowledge of Chinese medicine, to master it will become easier for you, because Taoism’s’ theory is consistent with Chinese medicine theory, the two stems come from the same root.

After Qi passed the whole body’s meridian, it went to internal organs, the internal organs movement of Qi started in form of tremor. For some students, the tremor transferred from one organ to another until all five organs passed in circle. Some student said, ”I felt in clearly the internal organs will not be the tremor, but will be one kind of liquid in flowing.” Regardless of internal organs tremor or liquid flowing, the transmission had a definite direction and order, which matched the generating order of five internal organs of Chinese medicine. Wang Liping told students, at this moment do not use any attention to guide the movement, and do not forget to feel the movement, when it circulated to the last organ, use your attention to lead it down to your lower Dantian (丹田).As soon as your attention reaches lower Dantian (下丹田), your Qi follows and gathers there, then your lower Dantian will be full of Real Qi (真气Zhenqi) . Then, all students felt their lower Dantian starting to move, becaming warm and hot.

Later, the training was turned to Xing Gong. Wang Liping told students to lead their attention to Upper Dantian (上丹田) from lower Dantian. At this moment the formula Wang Liping told students is, neither attention nor will is needed, in fact, do not think, do not imagine, eyes still closed, just look at Xuanguan (玄关) in front of eyes, with the whole body relaxed and attention focused on looking. By several times practice, some saw a small bright light, Wang Liping guided, “pay attention to this small light, to stabilize it. This small bright light is the light of Yuanshen, present’s phenomenon is the appearance of Xing Light (Xing Guang)”. <The Secret of Golden flower>said, this light of Yuanshen radiates naturally but is not easy to gather; it is active, but is not easy to congeal, since this light presented now, our present’s duty is to practice, train this small light stable and bright, collect this scattered in disorder Xing light, let it congeal, this method is called “Turning the light back” in <The Secret of Golden flower>, if you turn the light back for a long time, this light will congeal”. By several times training, the small light or luminous spot became stable and bright; Wang Liping guided the students to move this luminous spot by will, this moving of the light was different from the original moving which was scattered freely in disorder. He told the students to move the luminous spot to a special position, Xuanguan, put that stable Xing Light (light of Yuanshen) in the place of Xuanguan and look at it. Practiced for several times, some students saw the marvelous Mandala, around only 8 days intensive training, 6 students saw the Mandala, certainly these 8 individuals had certain foundation, they are healthy, and they all like Chinese traditional culture, thought, have some knowledge of Taoism. Seeing Mandala means the radiated and scattered Shen light has been taken back and gathered in front of Tianmu, this is an important step in Xing training of The Complete Reality of Taoism.

In <The Secret of Golden flower>, there are described several steps in Xing light (Shen light or light of Yuanshen) training, first is “The light begins to bloom”. Seeing Mandala belongs to this step; to practice deeply ”The light is just in blooming”, at this step, body relaxed totally, mind opened completely, everywhere is bright; finally is “The light congealed completely”. If you reach the step of “Congealed”, the Xing light will be congealed into a Natural Body, and then your Yuanshen which stayed in Fangcun without motion will begin to move and becomes active. When Yuanshen moves, one may find the truth of life, so only up to this step you could know how to jump out of the three realms, transcend into the universe. Therefore obviously seeing Mandala is the symbol of knowing how to train Xing light, which The Complete Reality of Taoism emphasizes.

I asked Mr. Wang Liping afterwards, the Taoism cultivation in the ordinary people mind is one kind of mystical thing, many people tried, but few succeeded, why this intensive training can have such good effect?Wang Liping said that this is certainly decided by many factors, but I thought a very essential factor that influence the result of training is, the master must seize the opportunity to do something or do nothing, knowing when only to follow the Qi, when to lead the Qi when it comes to the transfer point; when to let the Shen light show itself, what you need to do is just look at it, when must to do something to put the Shen light in the place of Xuanguan, in brief, to do something sometimes or to do nothing sometimes, it depends on master’s understanding of training principle, and the ability to master the training technique and his real experience, also the ability to grasp student’s physiology and psychological characteristic is also important. As <The Secret of Golden flower> said: “There are many formulas in Daoism cultivation, it is not simply just to follow it, achievement only rely on your knowing at what time to do something and what time to do nothing.”

In recent years in the world, more and more people are interested and pay attention to the theory and practice methods of Chinese Taoism, some from medicine, some from cultivation, some from philosophy, some from theology, regardless of what angle you seek to research Taoism theory, so long as you really want to understand it, you must enter the world that the Taoism described, the world of Xing and Ming, just like Lao-Tzi said “looking the body by the body, looking the family by the family, looking the township by the township, looking the country by the country, looking the world by the world, this why do I know the world ?” The meaning of this sentence is that if you hope to understand this world you should observe it with this world’s knowledge, to be specific; you cannot study the world of Ming and Xing with the mechanical world outlook. The outlook of Xing and Ming is a new world outlook, is completely different from the mechanical world outlook, which the modern science already has been used to, and by it to research the material and energy world. An important condition is to understand the Taoism theory could not only depend on the speculation, but must have the actual study and practice, explained clearly but unable to do certainly is not really understand or clear.

We hope that Chinese ancient unique Taoism culture will open a new world for modern people’s ideas and life, similarly humanity also needs a new cognitive style.

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