Study and Practice of “The Secret of the Golden Flower”

Date: October 7, 2011


<The Secret of Golden flower> (太乙金华宗旨 Taiyi Jinhua Zongzhi or The Doctrine of Taiyi and Jinhua) is the classics of Inner Alchemy of The Complete Reality Taoism (全真道 Quanzhendao). This book stresses actual methods other than the profound theory. The book disclosed the essential meaning of Xing (性) training: The Yuanshen (元神) lives in Fangcun motionless, all people's thoughts and passions have nothing to do with it, overwhelming majorities of practice or cultivation belong to the Ming (命) training or the cultivating of will of the people morals, which cannot affect the Yuanshen. The Yuanshen has the light, this light is dispersing between the universe and all the limbs and bones of human body. To train the Yuanshen is only to train this Light, initially to turn the light back, subsequently to gather and subsequently to congeal it. Only when it is congealed as a Natural Body (法身), the Yuanshen is willing to move and becomes active. It is also at this stage when the practitioner can see the True Nature (真性 who you are) of himself. This is the method of Xing training or the cultivation of the Yuanshen that <The Secret of Golden flower> gives us.

Keywords: <The Secret of Golden flower>, Xing (性), Ming (命), Yuanshen (元神), Turning the light back (回光), Mandala (曼陀罗)

In 1899, Mr Richard Wilhelm from Germany came to China, studied the Tao (道 the Way) for 21 years. He got this book and learned Inner Alchemy of The Complete Reality Taoism. After returning to homeland, he translated this book into the western language, and named it as <The Secret of Golden flower>. He taught his disciples to practice the methods he learned in China, some won initial success, which mean they saw the Mandala. In 2007, The Dragon Gate (龙门派 Longmen) successor of The Complete Reality Taoism, Wang Liping, taught eight students the Inner Alchemy. Several days later, six of them saw the Mandala. This article recorded this training.

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