Intensive Inner Alchemy Seminar in China – April 2012

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Register from: October 21, 2011

The “Intensive Inner Alchemy Longmen Jinhua 2012” seminar will be held during 05-14 of April 2012 by Longmenpai Europe in China, at the An Bo location north of Dalian, Liaoning provinceThe Daoist Temple of Immortal Huang in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, with the participation of Grandmaster Wang Liping, the current transmitter of Longmen ( Dragon Gate ) branch of the Taoist school of Complete Reality. The seminar will be held in Chinese language, and will be translated in English language.

During this seminar students can deepen their knowledge of Inner Alchemy practices of the Longmen school. The practice includes moving exercises ( Taoist walking – zi ran huan qi fa and tree energy exchange – ping heng gong ), as well as sitting techniques ( such as movement of five organs – mo yun wu xing ) and sleeping techniques ( shui gong ). Since this is an advanced seminar, participants are requested to have knowledge about and to have practiced Longmen arts before.

The daily practice is more than 8 hours long, evenly distributed during the day.

Goals and benefits

The major objective of Inner Alchemy is the survival of the consciousness, and its independence before and after leaving the physical body. Even though the possibility of reaching this goal can be subject of dispute, it is an undeniable fact that students will benefit the radical transformation of the physical, psychic and mental bodies, especially after such an advanced training.

Practitioners can obtain these immediate benefits:

  • Further opening of the meridians, main channels and important points in palms and head, removing more difficult energetically blockages, clearing the bloodstream.
  • Purifying of own qi, increasing the jing, qi and shen.
  • Removal of unwanted reincarnation energy and replenish it with fresh and more suitable reincarnation energy from trees.
  • Balancing the universal, reincarnation and body energies
  • Amplification of both energetic and mental fields (aura)
  • The possibility of opening of the third eye ( and Golden Flower visualization ) ( see:

On the long term, given home continuous practice, the participants will be able to:

  • Easily meditate for 150 minutes and more
  • Increase the qi and shen storage capacity of the dantians
  • Increase self-awareness, avoid critical and dangerous events in everyday life
  • Define and use the new perceptions regarding organs and internal body structure, especially the inner visualization power
  • Increase the sensitivity of perceiving and handling the qi and shen

After the seminar

After the seminar the participants will have a coherent method for home practice and can also attend the periodic practice sessions held by the European students (such retreats were organized before in Romania). These practice sessions are mostly free, with small expenses caused by meeting arrangements (practice place rental – when applicable).

The home practice and the group practice sessions have the goal of sustaining and extending the benefits gained, until the next year seminar in Europe.


The individual participation fee for “Intensive Inner Alchemy Longmen Jinhua 2012” seminar is made of these elements:

  • 1500 Euro for tuition
  • 300 Euro for translation to English language
  • 3000 RMB / 1500 RMB 2000 RMB / 1000 RMB for bed in single room / double room
  • 1500 RMB 500 RMB for meals 3 times a day per person in temple (no meat)
  • 300 RMB 300 RMB for two way bus transportation between Shanghai/Hangzhou and Jinhua and between Jinhua and Temple and return
Estimated total in Euro for personal fees is 2465 2250 Euro for single room or 2277 2150 Euro for double room (based on 1 Euro = 8 RMB formula). We will announce registered participants of the exchange rate before departure, currently it is like 8.4 but we made calculation on the safe side.

The following are common expenses that will be shared by all participants:

  • 4000 RMB for master’s room
  • 2000 RMB for master’s food
  • 5200 RMB for master’s return flight ticket from Dalian to Hangzhou to Dalian plus transportation from Hangzhou to temple and back (master +1)
  • 3000 RMB 2000 RMB for translator’s room
  • 1500 RMB 1000 RMB for translator’s food
Estimated total in Euro is 1312 TBA to be shared between the participants (based on 1 Euro = 8 RMB formula and 20 students count) which will be less than 100 Euro per person. We will announce registered participants of the exchange rate before departure, currently it is like 8.4 but we made calculation on the safe side.

Participants are also responsible for their own travel arrangements including Chinese visa to reach Dalian Hangzhou or Shanghai airport.


The registration process implies the down payment of minimum 500 Euros that can be sent according to the instructions in the registration form. The remaining fee will be calculated and paid in cash during the seminar in China. Payment can be done entirely in Euro, an exchange rate will be provided for those willing to do so.

Update: Old students can either send downpayment of minimum 200 Euro or show up a nonreturnable flight ticket for their seats to be confirmed.

Cancellation policy

If the registered individual wants to cancel his registration, the down payment will not be refundable, however a replacement person is accepted in place.

If the whole seminar is cancelled by the organizers, which is an unlikely event, then the downpayment will be refunded to the registered individuals, less the cummulated bank commisons.


The place of the seminar is the “An Bo” village, in a local hot springs facility, about 3 hours north from Dalian. The hotel offers included access to the swimming pool and thermal waters that are very good in conjunction with the practice effort. Also there is warm qi rising from the ground in the area that has big benefits during the practice.
Please see second update for new location information.


If you wish to apply for a seat in this seminar, please fill out the Registration Form.

Detailed information about schedule, flights, recommended gear, whom to contact will be send to the applicants after the registration and before the seminar.

UPDATE 05-02-2012

To maintain the quality of this seminar the maximum number of seats were restricted to 20. At this time 10 seats are already booked.

We got word of the new things to be taught during this seminar:

  1. predictions for 2012
  2. a new Qi circulation method (jin yang huo tui yin fu)
  3. fasting and refraining from eating grain (bi gu)
  4. other methods of longmen inner alchemy

Students that already booked places can buy plain tickets to Dalian, from Europe there are options to fly to Beijing, Qingdao or Shenyang then take an internal flight to Dalian. From other parts of the world there are also direct flights. Remember to checkout luggage at the entry point in China, they are not routing the luggage for you to the final destination.

We want to encourage students that think to participate to book their places ASAP and avoid to come too late and see that there are no places left.

Please use the Registration Form to book your seat now!

UPDATE 15-02-2012

We were announced today that the location of the seminar changed for the better to the Daoist Temple of Immortal Huang in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. There are 3 famous caverns where immortals Huang Chuping, Huang Chuqi practiced, also Lu Dongbin practiced there. We will do various practices beside meditation plus meditation practice in some of the caverns. Accomodation will be provided inside the temple, we still have no information about price changes if any. Weather will be warmer than Dalian at the seminar time.

Internal flights should end at Hangzhou. From Europe KLM operates direct flights to Hangzhou. From Hangzhou to Jinhua transportation will be made by bus. Students will be expected in Hangzhou by Lian Lihua or Shanghai by Kathy Li. Transportation from Shanghai to Jinhua can be made by train.

Students can stay for few days longer in the temple in order to visit the place. In case anybody is interested to do that, Lian offers to stay there and show them the place.
We appologise for the students that already booked the international flights or internal flights to Dalian. Please try to change the internal flights to Hangzhou, flights inside China are normally very easy to change for free at such long time in advance before the flight. Your travel agent should be able to assist you with that.

UPDATE 17-02-2012

Seminar cost has been updated, please read above.


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