A short history of Longmen seminars for foreigners

Date: October 25, 2011

As the Longmen seminars are quite old in China, and many monks from different temples in China participate for many years, such as in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, the seminars with non-Chinese students are quite new. Master mentioned that he received permission from his masters to teach foreigners near the year of 2007. Every year, perhaps depending on these students progress, master receive permission to teach more and more of the Longmen inner alchemy arts.

It is true that Chinese people living in other countries attended master’s seminar in the past, however we can say that 2007 is the official year for foreign students to start learning this Chinese national treasure.

First seminar

In 2007 master started with a group of 8 students from Romania, much as an experiment to check if foreigners are able to aprehend and if subtle techniques do have effect on foreigners bodies like they work in Chinese people bodies. The experiment was an apparent succes, and a paper was written in an academic magazine in China at the time. Fortunately since the last year we have a translation in English of this study. A second study was published later on and we expect this one to get a translation soon.

Since 2007 many nations joined master’s Wang Liping teachings, and beside Romanians it is worth to mention big Russian and American groups, followed by students from most European countries such as Sweden, Greece, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Holland.

Below is a gallery of group pictures of the European students (sometimes mixed with American and Russian students) starting the year of 2007.


Seminar 2007 China

Seminar 2008 China

Seminar 2009 China

Seminar 2010 China

Seminar in China 2010

Seminar in China 2010

Seminar in China 2011

Seminar in China 2011

Seminar 2011 Romania

Seminar 2011 Sweden

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