Seminar in Europe, summer 2013

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    Dear All,

    It’s long time since our latest conversation … and I hope my email finds you well.

    I have the pleasure to inform you that Master Wang Li Ping will come to Europe next Summer for a 10 days seminar.

    I will organize the seminar, with Richards help, and we will be near Innsbruck, in Austria, in a location that was visited by Master during his visit in Euope in 2011. It is going to be only one seminar in Europe, and Richard will invite Romanian students.

    All costs for the seminar will be transparent for everybody and in case anybody will prefer to organize his/her staying by him/her self it’s perfectly fine to do so.

    And now to the concrete facts related to the seminar:
    – tentative date: 2013-08-23
    – duration: 10 days
    – tuition fee to Master: 2000 euro per participant
    – translation: organised by Master, no fees for translation, only costs for transportation and staying at the location for the translator
    – estimated costs to be paid for visas, flights, hotel and meals for Master, his niece and translator approx. 6000 euro
    – estimated costs for hotel, meals and seminar room, per participant, 800-1000 euro for 10 days; we’ll know better once we’ve contacted the hotel, for now it’s just an indicative price;
    – no minimum number of participants needed
    – dependending on the number of participants, e.g.: assuming 10 – 20 , the tuition + the common costs will be approx. 2200 to 2500 euro per participant
    – wished timeline:
    – 2013-02-01 expressing your interest; it will help us to get a first guidance regarding the location needs for sleeping and meals
    – 2013-04-01 payment of 200 euro, contribution to the common costs for visa and flights
    – 2013-06-01 closing the list of the participants

    My view is that we shall strive to invite people who are having the basic knowledge as this will enable Master to help us to progress.
    I would not like to compromise in accepting ‘unprepared’ seminar participants just to reduce the common costs per head.
    I wish this seminar to be the first in a series of quality ones. Please let me know your views on this.
    Please feel free to spread the word to other students, and please keep in mind that the progress of each of us will be influenced by how homogeneous the group will be.

    Last, but not least, I wish you Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!



    Laozi Academy

    For the people who had been in 2012 April Jinhua retreat, if anyone would like to have the Lao Zi Academy slide, please visit following link to download it.
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