Seminar China – April 2012

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    Please order your tea if you like it to be sent to the temple:

    shen puerh Rmb600 for year 2007 per cake (year means production year, value increases year by year),
    shen puerh Rmb520 for year 2008 per cake,
    shen puerh Rmb460 for year 2009 per cake,
    shen puerh Rmb380 for year 2010 per cake,
    shen puerh Rmb300 for year 2011 per cake,

    black tea master recomended same as last year (some students bought) Rmb300/500g
    better black tea Rmb1000/500g

    anxi tieguanyin Rmb800/500g
    taiwan dongding wulong Rmb500/500g
    ginseng wulong Rmb300/500g

    Florin Lazar

    I prefer to go from Shanghai airport to Hangzhou by train and join Richards group and do sightseeing there, instead of sleeping one night in Shanghai or to go directly to the temple.

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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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