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    Hi, please discuss the European seminar in 2013 here

    Monica Lazar

    Hello everybody,

    Please put me on the list for Austrian seminar.

    Best regards and Happy Christmas,


    Cornelius Brody

    Hi Tavi, Richard,

    Great news! Please put Teodora and me on the list.

    We wish you a happy New Year


    Rosalía Murillo

    Would love to be there, but i cant find the dates… when is it taking place?





    Hi Richard

    Please put me on the list for the seminar in Austria 2013

    Be well

    Jan Eeckhout

    Rosalía Murillo

    Hi Richard,

    pease put me as well for the seminar in Austria.

    Best regards




    Update from Tavi

    Dear All,

     I hope you are doing well!

    The preparations for the seminar are progressing and please find below an update:

    ·         Dates: 2013-08-30 to 2013-09-09 (date change for taking advantage of special prices at the location); I hope the date change is not causing trouble to anybody

    ·         Location:

    ·         Prices for location:

    o   68 €/day per person for single occupancy room (including 3 meals/day)

    o   58 €/day per person for 2 in a room (including 3 meals/day)

    o   Still waiting for the price/day for the meditation room

    ·         Timeline:

    o   2013-02-01 to get a first feeling for the interest

    §  Up to now there are 10 persons who expressed the interest to participate

    o   2013-03-15 to get a first payment for the initial costs (including 25% for the location);
    I believe we have to rise the pre-payment to 400 €, as we need to pay for the location as well

    o   2013-06-01 closing the list of the participants

    All the best



    For the sake of completeness please find below info from my previous mail:

    – tuition fee to Master: 2000 euro per participant

    – translation: organised by Master, no fees for translation, only costs for transportation and staying at the location for the translator

    – estimated costs to be paid for visas, flights, hotel and meals for Master, his niece and translator approx. 6000 euro

    – no minimum number of participants needed


    Please note, all European students except Romanian ones should stay in contact with Tavi. I sent him a link to this topic so he will be able to subscribe to all replies.

    Romanian students please stay in contact with me. We will follow up Tavi’s timeline except I will collect the initial payment locally.

    Rosalía Murillo

    Hallo Richard,

    Unfortunately the Dates: 2013-08-30 to 2013-09-09 don’t fit completely to my timetable.
    i will have to teach in Berlin on  Sep. 7th and Sept. 8th and would have to live on Sept.06….

    may I make a suggestion?
    Could’t the Date be changed to :

    2013-09-13 to 2013-09-23
    2013-09-20 to 2013-09-23
    2013-09-13 to 2013-09-30
    or any time in October or November?

    otherwise i will be attending only from Aug 30 to Sept.06 and would travel on the 6 from Innsbruck to Berlin….

    Kind regards.
    Rosalía Murillo


    About the meditation room we managed to book a 75sqm room at Swimming and Congress Center OLYMPIA. I know the place it is very good for practice and also warm qi from the ground is raising (similar to Dalian location).

    Special price of this room is Euro 100 excl. 20% USt per day instead of Euro 130. Floor is wood, possibility to darken. We can take blankets from hotel and leave them in the room until seminar end.

    If we will be more than 22 students we need to take the full room of 150 sqm for a price of Euro 182 excl. 20% USt per day


    Hi, Richard and Tavi:

    I want to go!

    What should I do by now?


    Tavi Chicinas

    Update 2013-03-04 Seminar in Austria
    Hello All,
    Please find below the latest update and a repetition of some older info in order to make sure that everybody has the chance to see it.
    Time period for the seminar: 2013-08-30 15:00 to 2013-09-09 15:00
    Anticipated costs:
    ·         2000 euro/seminar participant, for tuition and translation for 10 days
    ·         68 euro/day accomodation and 3 meals (58 euro/day in case 2 are sharing a room)
    ·         6000 euro, estimated costs for visa, travel, accomodation and meals for Master, his niece and the translator; this will be divided to the number of participants
    ·         the price for the mediation room is not known yet
    Binding offer from the hotel in Seefeld expected 2013-03-15. It will also contain a list of room configurations (doble or single). Unfortunately the number of single rooms is low and therefore a ‘first come, first served’ policy will be used to allocate the single rooms. In case there will be situations when a person has to have a single room we’ll discuss with the hotel owner alternative accomodation.
    The hotel asks for a pre-payment of 25% of the whole amount (i.e. for the 10 days) and as this would imply an even higher amount for the pre-payment, we agreed to pre-pay for 10% until end of March and remaining 15% until end of June.
    Pre-payment procedure:
    ·         confirmation of the participation will be based on pre-payment of 500 €
    ·         upon request I will provide payment details and once paid, confirmation of the pre-payment.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: the pre-payment will be refundable ONLY if we find someone else who will take the place of the person who cannot attend the seminar.
    I’ll post info on the site, but please allow some time before I answer your questions.
    Best regards

    Tavi Chicinas

    Hi Zelman,

    The main requirement would be to be familiar with longer meditation, e.g. 2 hours.

    You could train that, if you aren’t already used to that.

    In case you are interested to particicpate and you’ve made up your decision, please let me know your email address, by sending me an email at, and I will send you the account details for the pre-payment.

    Please let me know.

    Thanks and regards


    John Rambo

    I would like to join the seminar in August.  Is it too late?


    John Rambo

    Rosalía Murillo

    Hallo Richard, Hallo Tavi,

    I have not jet reserved my hotel for the retreat (and payed the retreat itself), since i unfortunately have problems with my left eye.

    I had a amotio retinae 2 weeks ago and the situation is not jet stable.

    In tree weeks i might now weather I can come to the retreat or not. I hope it is for you not to late…

    Now i can’t do anything but to meditate all day long!

    Nice regards Rosalía

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