European seminar 2014 – held in Romania


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    UPDATE: Master Wang will take his visa at end of July, beginning of August, after the Singapore retreat is over. Starting August 1 there will be direct flight from Beijing to Bucharest, operated by TAROM. I hope the travel bill will be lower this way.

    At this time there are 35 registered students (2-3 still need to pay the registration fee) and there is only one room free left in the main villa. There are still rooms available at 2 minutes away villa so this is not a big problem. The practice room and restaurant can accommodate up to 60 people (please count master crew so we are 40 now in total).

    Master asked about available caves. We found a cave that is prepared to receive a big group – it is maintained for concerts. The cave can be rented, price is about 300 Euro per hour (I need to check) and we require a 40 minutes trip by rented bus to reach it. Cave website is this one


    Location update: check here the revamped website of the location

    Please bear in mind, all apartments will be taken by master crew – I negotiated them at the exact same price as normal double room. So no overhead here 🙂


    Hi everybody. I will enter a retreat until July 18, please be patient with my answers until then. I will try to get an estimate for master travel plans and publish it.

    Final payment, except tuition, should be done before mid August, the agency will issue proformas accordingly after we know all financial details.

    There are about 35 registered participants to date, so I do not expect too big common expenses share per person.

    Also, once common costs are finalized, new registrations can be made only against full amount prepayment. I expect this to begin July 1st. Please note that Ursuletul venue (translation as The Little Bear) is already full and we start filling up a closeby accomodation, 2 minutes away from the venue.

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    News: we managed to make an estimate of travel common expenses for master crew, I updated the page

    For the 35 registered students this means about 200 Euro for each. Flight will be splitted equally between all students.

    Accomodation will be splitted differently for 10 days students and 15 days students, as previously announced.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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