Advanced seminar – a student’s report

Day 8

I noticed if I do too much physical effort my heart area tends to lack oxigen… so I decided to skip the today’s walking exercise and focus more on my grooming… Not that the grooming is so important but because this morning we have to go to the Double Dragon Cave for another cave practice and I like to balance the physical effort. This cave is more distant and we do not know yet if we need to take some bus or walk some long distance so I thought is better to save some strenght just in case I need it.

As it turns out strength saving was not so important but grooming was since we went out for official photo session 🙂

To the Double Dragon Cave, the place where ancestor  Lu DongBin was practicing, we took several minibuses. No chance for practice there, though, since around 500 children were crowding the place and making very big noise.

The cave was unusually warm inside, perhaps because the air flow is easy from one entrance to another and the atmosphere outside was warmer since this cave is situated at the bottom of the mountain.

Entering the cave is made by boats where people are laying down in order to fit under the rock. After this little game the cave comes packaged with the same pedestrian pathways as usual in China’s tourist areas. Lights are provided everywhere and visiting it is very simple, and this is the reason kids enjoy it very much.

At the evening practice it was raining so we learned a new moving form of ping heng gong in the meditation room. Also raining is good weather for mirror practice so during the night we reverted to the mirror practice again.

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