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The 2014 European seminar will be held in Romania, see the announcement here: http://longmen.eu/forums/topic/european-seminar-2014-held-in-romania/

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Hello everybody, please check the Forums for the notification about European Longmenpai seminar in August 2014

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dd at entrance
Taoist Retreat (闭关) and Bi Gu (辟谷)
Bi Guan (闭关) literally means closing the door to worldly matters. It is a purpose-driven exercise to achieve specific results in inner alchemy. (Text translated from the blue book from Jinhua 2012 by B K Wee) Read more
Advanced seminar – a student’s report
We arrived in China and we are still one day ahead of the first advanced seminar I got in longmenpai practice. This is done for the first time in the temple for us, the foreign students. Read more
Romania audio files
Here are enhanced audio files from Romania 2011 seminar in mp3 format. They can be played from the web browser or can be downloaded for more convenience. Please do not distribute to other people except Master Wang students. Read more
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